Masterclass: Finding An Ancestor's Date of Death

Your genealogy research is stuck.

You thought the search for that ancestor’s date of death would be straight forward, but each time you sit down to research, you find yourself saying…..

 “Ugh! I cannot find my ancestor’s date of death.” 

Finding an ancestor’s date of death can be tough. Why is that? 

  • Records can be lost over time. (Burned courthouses, anyone?!) 
  • Your ancestor did not have a significant estate to generate many records.
  • Death records were not required to be recorded at his/her time of death.


Now imagine knowing where to search for that date of death.

Imagine knowing the common and uncommon places to research. 

Imagine the feeling of knowing you’ve done a complete search for that death date.

I started researching my ancestors 12 years ago and struggled to find those birth, marriage and death dates for my ancestors. I would find myself stuck in the research with no idea where else to search for that date of death. 

After years of research, I now know how to create a “date of death” research plan. I know where to look and how to find the needed resources. 

Do I always find the actual date of death for every ancestor? No, not always, but I am assured I’ve completed and documented an exhaustive search. 

Having gained the confidence in genealogy research skills and performing that exhaustive research, I want to help others learn how to research an ancestor’s date of death and build that family tree.


Here’s everything we will cover inside the Finding An Ancestor’s Date of Death Masteclass: 

  • Why you are not finding your ancestor’s date of death 
  • The obvious and not so obvious resources to research 
  • Where to find the clues to records of death 
  •  How to evaluate that cemetery for often missed clues 
  • Records for finding your ancestor’s grave site 

As a result of this live training, you’ll be able confidently research for your ancestor’s date of death.


  • Lifetime access to the audio recording and slides 
  • The Are You My Cousin? Genealogy Research Plan template for searching for the date of death
  • My exclusive Finding An Ancestor’s Date of Death Checklist
  • My exclusive How To Analyze the Family Cemetery Research Checklist



Definitely recommend. Anyone researching family tree(s) should take your course.


So much information and very easy to understand!

L. S. 

Loved all the “outside the box” suggestions for overlooked sources of information.

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